Vivien Lohse


Hello, my name is Vivien. 

When I was little I didn't know for a long time what I would do professionally. I wanted to help people and be part of their lives for a little while. That's why I decided to become a midwife. It was and is a wonderful experience.

But my interest has always been the holistic view of the human being. Even as a teenager, naturopathy, spirituality and finding one's own way was fascinating and to me.

In addition to my training as a midwife, I have therefore continued my education and practice, among other things

- Quantum Touch (Level 2)
- Reiki (master)
- Reading the Akashic Records
- Acupuncture for midwives (currently in master training)
- Aku taping
- Baby massage

Over the years I have learned to accompany people as holistically as possible.

And soon maybe you too?
I am looking  forward to meeting you.