Vivien Lohse


Energy Scan plus coaching

In this session I am combining Reiki with your Akashic records.

What's happening?

I take a look at you energetically. 

First on a physical level. There I feel for tension, painful areas and parts of the body that need some rest or attention.

Then I focus on your mental level. There I can feel when in your life your soul was traumatized and which beliefs are associated with that. Understanding these beliefs brings so much clarity to your journey of self-discovery.

 Next I focus on your energetic body and your chakras (the energy centers in your body). Blockages in your chakras give you information about your soul's issues that want to be looked at and adressed.

At the end I channel a message for you that can help you on your soul's path.

This session takes place remotely. I will write down all the information that wants to come up during this session and you will receive a PDF via e-mail. 

We will then talk one-on-one online and discuss everything together and work out your next action steps to help your move forward. 

Plan for approx. 45 minutes of time.

Why do I need this? 

This session can give you a great start when you are taking your first steps on your way to self-discovery. You'll be able to see exactly where you are at at the moment and get help figuring out your next part of the path.

When you've already walked on your own path for a while and catch yourself repeating unwanted patterns, not getting to where you want to be or just in need of a little guidance, this session can be a wonderful tool for you to get back into an aligned rhythm.

Good to know:

A Reiki session is not a substitute for necessary medical care from a doctor or alternative practitioner.
I make no diagnoses and make no promises of healing.

How do I get started?

A session costs 159€ and you can easily book by clicking this button below.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

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written Akashic records reading

 What are the Akashic records?

 You could call the Akashic records 'the book of life'. It contains every experience, thought, emotion and universal events your soul has had in this and all other lifetimes.

 In a reading I connect to this mental plane and receive information. You can get answers to your deepest questions, get guidance and messages of love and support.


 What questions can I ask?

You can ask any question your soul wants answers to. But please know that I can only open your own Akashic records. This means that questions regarding people or relationships can only be answerd from the perspective of your highest self, meaning what you need to know about that person or that relationship.
Questions you might ask:
- What do I need to know right now?
- Where does my fear of ... come from?
- What is my purpose in life, gifts etc.?

How does a reading work?

When we work together, I am channeling this information for you through automatic writing. You don't need to be present for the reading and you will recieve your answers within 1-2 work days in a PDF file.
This gives you the opportunity to come back to your answer and re-read it as many times as you'd like.
Your Akashic-Records reading answering two of your questions costs 129€. You can easily book a reading by clicking the button below.

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What people shared with me after a session:

Wow, I am so touched! I could feel the energy talking to me. I am deeply moved, it is the perfect message and I can feel it so truthfull. It remind me of another message I received to go to my heart, do everything from my heart but I somhow forget it. Thank you so much, I really love it and I'm going to keep it close to me to read it often. Sending you love

V. H. from Spain



Hi Viven, thank you so much for the akashic records reading, I really appreciate it! My guides often call me “Dear One” but this has never been picked up in a reading before and to see it there so clearly brought tears to my eyes because I often doubt the messages I receive. Everything you wrote resonated with me, thank you so much for such a beautiful reading!

H. T. from Australia



Oh wow that was super powerful! In the last 24 hours there has been a massive shift in my life and I absolutely feel the change in energy. This was very assuring and points me in the right direction- really just reassured what I already know deeply but wasn’t sure I could trust. This is so valuable thank you


C.A.C. from the USA


Thank You! This message is actually very precise. Because that same information came to me last month in different ways. Awesome.

K. K.


I also wanted to say your message was absolutely beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you

H. S. from the USA



Good morning, this sounds so beautiful. I'm about to cry. I thank you for your energy. I will take this message to heart.

R. H. from Germany


Wow, thank you so much Vivien. I really do need to work on the value I assign to my energy and setting boundaries in general. […] I cannot wait to try that exercise you channeled for me.

E. H. form Ireland